If for some reason I need to cancel my program? What is the cancellation policy?

All cancellations requested at least 5 days before your program are subject to a 10% bank transaction fee. No refunds will apply for cancellations requested 4 days or less before your program.

What happens if my trip by cruise ship or plane is cancelled and I cannot make it to my program?

Let us know. Only if you send us a letter from the airline or cruise ship company informing about the situation, we will schedule again the same program for any date with a valid certificate for a year or we will give you a 90% refund on the total cost, due to a 10% cancellation charge.

Will I have a refund if there is bad weather the day of my program or if it is cancelled for some reason?

You will be able to enjoy your program during the next 7 days or we will offer a certificate valid for one year + 15% discount on additional bookings.

Is it safe to buy in this site?

We know that the security of your card and your personal information confidentiality are very important; therefore, our site is supported by programs like Hacker Safe, Thawte and AMIPCI.

What is Hacker Safe?

McAfee HackerSafe is a service that searches for websites' vulnerabilities using automated tools. If the website is approved by these tools, then the hackersafe logo is placed and it will ensure the security of the website towards you and other clients.

What is Thwate?

Thwate offers exhaustive procedures of authenticity (domain name and identity verification). It also offers codification according to your browser capacity and the codification system of your Server. This will guarantee the privacy of the information between our Server and your browser.

What is AMIPCI?

Stands for "Internet Mexican Association" that gathers the companies that are essential for the Internet Industry development in Mexico.

Will I have the option to choose among different photos of my Royal Swim Program?

We will take 2 photos when the dolphin kisses you, 1 in the dorsal ride, 1 during the hug and 1 during handshake.

Will I have the option to choose among different photos of my Swim Adventure Program?

We will take 1 photo when the dolphin kisses you, 1 during the bellyride and 1 during the handshake.

Will I have the option to choose among different photos of my Dolphin Encounter Program?

We will take 2 photos when the dolphin kisses you and 1 during handshake.

Is there a special package if I want to buy photos?

Yes, ask for them at the photo module.

Can I bring my own underwater camera to take some pictures?

For safety reasons and our policies, we do not allow cameras in the water nor in the programs' area.

Can my friends and relatives that go as observers, take me some pictures?

No, companions are not allowed to take pictures. We have a professional team who will be taking photos of all swimmers during the programs. All photos will be available at the end of the program. Our team will show you where you can check on them so you can choose the ones you like and buy them.

If I don't buy my photos during the day of my program, will I be able to buy them later?

We can't guarantee that your photos will be in stock, therefore we advise you to buy your souvenir that same day.

What do I need to visit Mexico?

An official ID with a photo (could be your driving license or passport).
A tourist form or F.M.N (generally airlines give you one on board).
A valid proof of nationality.
Visit http://www.inami.gob.mx/ for more information.

What do I need to visit Tortola?

The main requirement to enter Tortola in the British Virgin Islands is a valid passport. However, citizens of some countries will need a visa too. For more information contact the closest British Virgin Island Tourism Office, or Migration Department at (284) 494-3471 or (284) 468-3701 ext. 2538.

What do I need to enter Tortola by cruise ship?

If you are visiting Tortola by cruise ship you will have to show a valid passport and cruise ship registration papers at Immigration Office and Customs.

What do I need to visit Grand Cayman?

You will need a passport in the first place. On the other hand, citizens of USA, Canada, UK and most countries of the British Commonwealth of Nations do not need a visa to enter the Cayman Islands, however, countries as Jamaica, Colombia, Saudi Arabia and Belarus will need a visa. For more information visit www.immigration.gov.ky

What is the dolphins diet?

Dolphins have a varied and healthy diet. We give them some kinds of fishes like mackerel, herring, and calamari. A dolphin eats an average of 10 or 22 kg per day.

How many years do dolphins live?

Dolphins in the wild live from 30 to 35 years, however, under human care they live more than 40 years. There is a record a dolphin that lived 52 years.

How many types of dolphins are there?

There are 32 types of marine dolphins, 5 river dolphins and 6 porpoises.

With what kind of dolphin will I swim?

We have bottlenose dolphins. They have that name because when they have their beak over the water, it resembles a floating bottle.

Do dolphins sleep?

Dolphins are always alert; they don't sleep the same way as terrestrial mammals. To "take a nap", dolphins never close their eyes; a part of their brain stays relaxed while the other keeps working, that way they are alert against predators.

How are dolphins born?

Dolphins are marine mammals. The gestation period lasts about 12 months, with a labor of 30 minutes or 3 hours.

Is there an evident difference between male and female dolphins?

Even though they have internal genitalia, it is possible to notice the difference. Males have 2 little grooves -one genital and one anal- under their belly button, with the shape of an exclamation point (!). Females have a small genital-anal groove and two mammal slits, with the shape of a division sign (%).

Is it safe to swim with dolphins?

Our dolphins are used to be close to human beings, plus, you will totally trust in our certified trainers. If you follow all their instructions and carefully treat our dolphins, all of you, guys, will enjoy those moments in the water.

Do dolphins enjoy programs as much as we do?

Dolphins are active animals searching always for entertainment. They are curious about humans and playful. Treat them with care and follow all instructions, then everyone will have fun!

What is the depth of pools or tanks where dolphins are located?

Our dolphinariums are 14 ft in depth.

What is the required age for each program?

Only for Dolphin Encounter, Discovery Swim and Dolphin Lover's programs kids are able to participate when at least 1 year old and must be accompanied by a paying adult till age 7. For the rest of our programs kids must be 6 years old or at least 3' 11" tall (head-trainer considers onsite capabilities for some activities) and they must be accompanied by a paying adult -18 years old -till age 12.

Do I need to learn how to swim to participate in your dolphin programs?

Not necessarily. Most of our programs are held on a submerged platform in which you stand-up and water covers only the lower part of your body, without the need of swimming.

What do I have to take for my dolphin program?

Bring a bathing suit, cap or hat and biodegradable sunscreen. Sandals or aqua-socks will be useful at the dolphinarium but you will have to take them off while being in the water to protect dolphins from injuries.

Do I need to bring some extra cash?

You might need it for snacks, tips and lockers deposit. We also have boutiques where you will find great items; you will want to buy a souvenir.

Is there a place where I can leave my stuff?

In each of our locations we have available lockers. You will have to leave a deposit that will be given back when you return the key.

Is the use of life vests compulsory?

Yes, for security reasons, the use of life vests is compulsory for all participants -kids and adults- in all swim with dolphins programs.

Is my 15 year old daughter a responsible adult to swim with my younger daughter?

No, the responsible adult must be at least 18 years old - legal age in Mexico. Remember that kids 1-6 years old to 2' 11" tall for Encounter program and kids 6-12 years old to 3' 11" tall for the rest of our programs must swim with a paying adult -18 years old.

What is the difference between Sea Life Discovery Plus and Sea Life Circle?

Sea Life Discovery Plus in the most complete program at Dolphin Discovery Isla Mujeres, it includes the Royal Swim with 2 dolphins and interaction with manatees and sea lions. Sea Life Circle program at Dolphin Discovery Riviera Maya-Puerto Aventuras gives you the Royal Swim with dolphins and an interaction with manatees or sea lions.

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